Top 10 newbor baby toys for firts year

1-Sound-Making Toys

While these can sometimes get tedious to listen to as a parent, babies love them and they stimulate the senses which helps brain development.

A toy that makes a sound or music when it’s pressed or shaken will keep your newborn baby entertained for months to come. This type of responsive toy helps your baby to increase awareness of what his hands motion

2 Baby gym

You can literally use a baby gym from day one. Some are much more expensive than others, but you really don’t need a fancy one to serve your baby’s purposes. Ideally, you want a baby gym that has loops from which to hang plastic links and toys. Because newborns can really only see high contrast objects (particularly black & white) that are about a foot away, the baby gym should be bright, colorful, and high contrast.



Babies love rattles. Some rattles make noises or have blinking lights. Others have soft textures, while many are made from hard plastic. Rattles should be light, soft and easy for your baby to handle or hold in their hand. Also look for toys that can easily be cleaned from spit-up and drool.

Babies are discovering how to use their hands, feet, eyes and most of their senses. Infant reactions are random at very first, but they eventually learn by cause and effect. They will also learn over time that they have control over their own actions or they got a reaction or a response they enjoyed, so they will learn to perform and do actions again and again.


4-Sleep Toys

Babies like to sleep, but they also need to learn to sleep at different times part of their nap and night time routines. Many sleep toys include soft, plush stuffed animals that play different lullabies and sounds to help baby know it is time to rest.

Make sure that your baby’s stuffed animal or doll is suitable for her age range.

5- Soft book

It’s never too soon to get your baby interested in reading. Soft book are the perfect place to start. Reading to babies is very important for their language and vocabulary development. Look for soft, cloth books or durable board books with fabric spots for baby to touch while they look at the picture and hear new words while you read.


6-Teething toys

When your baby starts to get his or her teeth, they’ll want to put just about anything in their mouth! A few good teething toys are a great idea.

Babies like to explore toys with their senses, including their mouth. These toys also provide comfort to their gums if they have new teeth emerging.


7-Building blocks

When you first introduce your baby to blocks, you’ll probably be the one doing most of the building. His contribution will be knocking them down! But as simple as this game is, it’s teaching your baby important things about the world. As well as developing his hand-eye coordination



8- ball

A large rubber ball will require newborn baby to use both hands to catch or to roll it back to you this develops babies eye hand coordination and agility



9- bath toys

Bath toys will develop newborn baby ‘s motor skills and help exploring his abilities as he tries to grasp these floating toys



10- stacking rings

This will also help newborn baby develop motor skills whether he is pulling the rings off the pole or chewing on the rings themselves

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